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Giardina Group is a world leader in the finishing technologies for wood, glass, composite materials, plastics and metal.

It is born from the merger of Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing, which had been founded at the beginning of the Seventies, including the very recent acquisition of De Stefani, and has for decades been an active part in the different sectors of coating, finishing and sanding. Competence, professionalism and experiences which, from the end of 2017 have been consolidated in a single, large technological hub that offers the largest production program in the sector: from beam impregnation to the treatment of “Jumbo” glass sheets, from the finishing of profiles to sophisticated robot systems for coating frames or furniture. And starting from May 2020 also high grade sanding solutions as well.

Design, development and production of machines and complete installations for roller, curtain and spray coating; automated and robotised lines with hot air, UV or micro-wave drying systems; overhead lines for painting window frames or three-dimensional pieces, spraybooths and special systems, sanding solutions for edges, profiles and surfaces. These, in a nutshell, the technological areas covered by the Giardina Group (70 employees, a turnover of around 20 million euros and 95% export rate).

Nowadays the Giardina Group has two manufacturing facilities: since January 2018 the production of finishing equipment is in a large plant in Figino Serenza (Como, Italy), the historical base of Giardina Finishing, while the sanding solutions are developed in the new Destefani plant in Novedrate (Como, Italy), in which the production has been moved in December 2021 from the traditional home in Giussano (Monza e Brianza, Italy).

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Destefani Sanding Solutions

Destefani is the latest company to join Giardina Group, which effectively inherited 40 years of experience from the company based in Birone di Giussano (Monza Brianza), whose business has been taken over by the group. A joint venture – set up in 2020 between the Mauri and De Stefani families – that on the one hand ensures new opportunities for one of the best renowned Italian brands in the sanding industry, while on the other hand it brings Giardina Group technical and process expertise. The latter not only completes the group’s offer, but also enables it to imagine ‘turnkey’ solutions for various applications. The experience and excellence acclaimed by…

Giardina Group Glass Division

The glass finishing solutions are born from the requests of numerous and important customers all over the world who have stimulated the group to face this challenge. Today Giardina Group has a real “Glass Division”: professionals, tools and specific skills dedicated to the development solutions for finishing and decoration with roller, spray, curtain and screen printing technology for architecture, furniture, automotive and lighting. The Giardina Group Glass Division range consists of: Single and double-arm automatic spraying machines; Automation and handling systems for complete painting lines; Roller painting machines; Coating systems for the application of primers and finishes on all flat…

Giardina Group at Formobile, boothF110


Giardina Group Glass Division: ready for Glass South America

The exhibition calendar of Giardina Group, the Italian company specialized in coating and finishing solutions, does not stop. From June 12 to 15 Giardina Group we will be present with […]

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“We put our heart into Giardina Group” an interview with Alberto Modica, laboratory manager

A life at Giardina Group, a place to call home. The journey to discover the men and women behind the brand, behind the technologies, behind the innovation and daily development […]

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Giardina Group at Xylexpo 2024

The just-concluded edition of Xylexpo was an opportunity to present the best of technology “made in Giardina Group” to the world. What is Giardina Group today? What are the goals for […]

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Giardina Group: an intense May

GIARDINA GROUP: FIMMA+MADERALIA, XYLEXPO AND… It’s going to be a busy May for Giardina Group, which will be present at two important trade shows, not to mention the four days […]

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Giardina Group “on the road” in Brazil: Paulo Marcato, Marcato Moveis

During the last “Giardina Group on the road” in Brazil, in São José do Rio Preto, we had the pleasure of interviewing Paulo Marcato, CEO of Marcato, one of the […]

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The “Giampiero Mauri Innovation Centre” opens its doors during Xylexpo

Trials, demonstrations and the best of “made in Giardina Group” technology. From May 21 to 24, we will be present at Xylexpo, the biennial international exhibition dedicated to the world […]

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