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Giardina Group is a world leader in the finishing technologies for wood, glass, composite materials, plastics and metal.

It is born from the merger of Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing, which had been founded at the beginning of the Seventies, including the very recent acquisition of De Stefani Valerio e C, and has for decades been an active part in the different sectors of coating, finishing and sanding. Competence, professionalism and experiences which, from the end of 2017 have been consolidated in a single, large technological hub that offers the largest production program in the sector: from beam impregnation to the treatment of “Jumbo” glass sheets, from the finishing of profiles to sophisticated robot systems for coating frames or furniture. And starting from May 2020 also high grade sanding solutions as well.

Design, development and production of machines and complete installations for roller, curtain and spray coatingautomated and robotised lines with hot air, UV or micro-wave drying systems; overhead lines for painting window frames or three-dimensional pieces, spraybooths and special systems, sanding solutions for edges, profiles and surfaces. These, in a nutshell, the technological areas covered by the Giardina Group (70 employees, a turnover of around 20 million euros and 95% export rate).

Nowadays the group has two main manufacturing sites: In January 2018 all the production activities connected with finishing were brought together in the large spaces in Figino Serenza (Como, Italy), the historical site of Giardina Finishing, whereas the design and manufacturing of the sanding solutions will still go on in the De Stefani facilities in Giussano (Monza Brianza).

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