The glass finishing solutions are born from the requests of numerous and important customers all over the world who have stimulated the group to face this challenge. Today Giardina Group has a real “Glass Division”: professionals, tools and specific skills dedicated to the development solutions for finishing and decoration with roller, spray, curtain and screen printing technology for architecture, furniture, automotive and lighting.



Giardina Group offers a whole series of customized solutions for the global management of painting systems: loading, unloading, turn over, transfer and optimization according to the needs of each individual […]

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Coating lines for glass

Starting in the early years with applications by roller on flat panes and traditional hot-air dust-free, our lines today use roller, spray, curtain coating and drying processes based on hot […]

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Drying rooms

Drying rooms are normally used in combination with manual painting systems, Air green spray or CS spray to perform the function of flash-off, drying and storage of the sprayed articles, […]

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The hot air tunnel for glass is made with a modular structure that includes sections for hot air, IR lamps and cooling. The oven performs the drying of glass products […]

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Dualtech 415 Glass

DUALTECH 400 Glass

The DUALTECH 400 Glass oscillating sprayer with central arm, is used to spray ceramic or organic products on glass sheets. Compact and robust, this machine can coat single pieces up […]

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DUALTECH Jumbo Glass

Giardina has developed systems for finishing glass in ever larger sizes, following the evolution of the market. The DUALTECH Jumbo Glass is equipped with the same highly efficient belt cleaning […]

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Designed to paint the perimeter of ​​the surface of glass plates, creating a frame. This machine allows to apply a layer of paint or product only on a part of […]

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JETECH gp plus

The JETECH gp plus series of hot air high speed ovens use the high-speed hot air principle. The flow of hot air is channeled into the distribution chambers and then […]

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The hot air laminating ovens are used to carry out a first flash off process of both solvent and water based products, in particular for spray, curtain coating or specific roller […]

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ROLLTECH g02-05-2200

The ROLLTECH g02-05-2200 is a precision roller coater with reverse dosing. Follow us on YouTube:

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The ROLLTECH g02/05 roller coater, with 3 independent speeds, allows the application of finishing products on any flat surfaces. The robust structure of the machine, made with 4 lifting jacks […]

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ROLLTECH g02/05 Double

The ROLLTECH g02/05 Double is a precision roller coater with two dosing rollers. Follow us on YouTube:  

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ROLLTECH g02/05 Jumbo Glass

The ROLLTECH g02/05 GL roller machine is used to apply ceramic or organic and UV products on flat glass sheets. The machine is available in a useful working width from […]

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The SINGLETECH 300 spray machine with one arm has been designed to spray stain, primer and finishes onto all smooth or shaped surfaces. It is available in three versions: “Single […]

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The SPRAYTECH cs painting booth is an ideal working environment for the manual finishing of various types of artefacts. Pigments are captured by two vertical filtration stages. Available in different […]

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The UVTECH gst ovens is used to cure finishing products on all types of flat or shaped support. Designed in modular form, our ovens are powered by continuous electronic control […]

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The machine allows the application of base and top coats on all flat surfaces. The machine is particularly suitable for high quality applications together with high performance both in terms […]

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he machine allows the application of base and top coats on all flat surfaces. The use is particularly suitable for high quality applications together with high performance both in terms […]

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The VERTECH gpm stacking oven is the solution designed for the flash off or drying water-based products, solvent with or without UV cross-linking in spray coating or curtain coating when […]

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VERTECH tray gvc – VERTECH belt gvt

The vertical ovens are hot air ovens which are able to handle the finishing of products requiring long drying times in limited spaces. The vertical oven is the solution designed […]

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