Cinquant’anni e non sentirli!

Italy - Jan-Feb 2022

Giardina Group renews collaboration with Spido Industria

United States - 21 January 2022

New initiative of the Giardina Group – courses and events in Brazil

Brazil - 17 January 2022

Courses and events in Brazil – New initiative of the Giardina Group

Brazil - Dec 2021
Xylon International

Our new Experience Center in India

Italy - Nov-Dec 2021
Il Sole 24 Ore

Industria 4.0 e know-how avanzati per l’industria del legno

Italy - 15 July 2021
Xylon International

Vision, competence and service secure future success!

Italy - May-Jun 2021

Giardina Group e Fratelli Fantoni: fra energia e smaltimento

Italy - May-Jun 2021

Giardina Group zeigt sich optimistisch

Germany - May-Jun 2021

Visione, competenza, servizio e il futuro regalerà solo successi!

Italy - Mar-Apr 2021
Win Woodworking

A good 2020 looking to the future

Germany - 1 March 2021
Panels&Furniture Asia

Giardina Group closes positive year amid pandemic

Indonesia - 8 February 2021
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