ROBOTECH spraystar

The anthropomorphic ROBOTECH spraystar robot is designed to follow the form of artefacts and articles to be painted in different shapes and sizes. This robot can be equipped with a […]

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Roll to roll coating

This very compact modular finishing line is designed for the application of various types of products on parquet, veneers, and melamine coated papers or single pieces. The basic modules include […]

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ROLLTECH g02-05-2200

The ROLLTECH g02-05-2200 is a precision roller coater with reverse dosing. Follow us on YouTube:

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The ROLLTECH g02/05 roller coater, with 3 independent speeds, allows the application of finishing products on any flat surfaces. The robust structure of the machine, made with 4 lifting jacks […]

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ROLLTECH g02/05 Double

The ROLLTECH g02/05 Double is a precision roller coater with two dosing rollers. Follow us on YouTube:  

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ROLLTECH g02/05 Jumbo Glass

The ROLLTECH g02/05 GL roller machine is used to apply ceramic or organic and UV products on flat glass sheets. The machine is available in a useful working width from […]

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Roller coater with two coating rollers of which the second with reverse application. The machine allows the application of high quantities of paint product on all flat surfaces with an […]

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The heavy filler ROLLTECH g02/08 allows the application of UV and water base fillers or putty with low, medium and high viscosity on all flat surfaces. The machine is equipped […]

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ROLLTECH g02/08 hc

The plastering machine G02/08 HC is suitable for the application of low or high viscosity UV and water-base fillers and putty. The G02/08 HC is made with technological solutions that […]

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The ROLLTECH g02/09 filling machine allows the application of low and medium viscosity UV or water-base fillers and putty on all flat surfaces. Roller conveyor system, with central back-up roller. […]

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ROLLTECH G21-55 FLEXY is a two-head roller coater with one direct application unit and one direct or reverse application unit. Flexi Roll technology is Giardina Group ‘s answer to the […]

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The machine allows the spray application of stain on all surfaces. It is equipped with a rotary joint (optionally at high or low pressure) which, by rotating at high speed, […]

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