Impianti verniciatura torniti

Coating plants for turned parts

The installations for Turned parts built by Giardina meet the needs of different sectors (curtain rods, chairs, knobs, handles, small parts in plastic, glass, metal and composite materials) and are […]

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“DESTEFANI Mvs” machines are designed and built to obtain the best results when surfacing/smoothing linear profiles in general. These reliable machines provide an optimum performance and can be configured with […]

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“Destefani Mvt” machines are the best solution to be integrated in panel finishing lines as opposed to sanding veneered and/or coated wooden and Mdf edges. Extremely useful for machining edges, […]

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Disassembled Frames

The finishing lines for disassembled frames are developed to finish window frames and furniture components hanging from an overhead conveyor. They can be designed with manual spray stations, automatic spray […]

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Drying rooms

Drying rooms are normally used in combination with manual painting systems, Air green spray or CS spray to perform the function of flash-off, drying and storage of the sprayed articles, […]

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The vertical oven mod. DRYTECH cs is suitable for all kinds of profiles. It is used in flash-off or drying processes with water-based products, solvent with or without UV cross-linking […]

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DRYTECH fvp 3000/5000

The Vertical oven for moldings mod. DRYTECH fvp is the best solution for the flash off or drying of water-based products, solvent products with or without UV cross-linking after spray, […]

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The hot air tunnel for glass is made with a modular structure that includes sections for hot air, IR lamps and cooling. The oven performs the drying of glass products […]

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The DUALTECH 400 spray machine with two reciprocating arms has been designed to spray stain, primer and finishes onto all smooth or shaped surfaces. It is available in three versions: […]

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Dualtech 415 Glass

DUALTECH 400 Glass

The DUALTECH 400 Glass oscillating sprayer with central arm, is used to spray ceramic or organic products on glass sheets. Compact and robust, this machine can coat single pieces up […]

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The DUALTECH 500 oscillating sprayer with two oscillating arms, is used to spray stain, primer and top coat on any smooth or shaped surface. The ventilation system is designed with […]

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The DUALTECH 600 two-arm oscillating sprayer has been developed to achieve high performance in terms of working speed and finishing quality. The machine is used to spray stain, primer and […]

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