The “Dualtech 600” oscillating sprayer is the milestone of modern oscillating machines, developed to ensure the highest performance level in terms of speed and productivity, without compromising on paint quality, and to provide flexibility, ease of use and unbeatable quality in painting.

It is designed to spray stain, primers and finishes onto all flat and shaped surfaces and on edges, and is available with “Dry” (dry filtration) or “Wet” (water filtration) disposal system.

Among the “Dualtech 600” advantages are the “Dualtech” spraying system and the ”Dualfast” quick gun change system, an efficient overspray reduction system and a product recovery and belt cleaning system that is one of the most effective in the world due to its low consumption of cleaning fluid, reduced belt wear and quick and easy maintenance.

The spraying room is made of carbon steel profiles and pre-painted sheet metal panels. The air distribution plenum ensures an efficient flow, reducing the formation of overspray; two additional air distribution plenums (at the inlet and outlet of the spray booth) keep the booth under vacuum, thus preventing the overspray from escaping and ensuring that the extracted air is fully filtered.

In both the “Dry” and “Wet” versions, the solid particulate disposal system is provided by three separate filtration stage.

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Basic usable working width: 1,300 or 1,600mm.
Synthetic conveyor width: 2,200mm.
Gun movement system driven by brushless motor.
Reciprocating arm spacing: 2,500mm.
Painting circuit with up to 6+6 guns (4 independent circuits on request).

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