“We put our heart into Giardina Group” an interview with Alberto Modica, laboratory manager

A life at Giardina Group, a place to call home. The journey to discover the men and women behind the brand, behind the technologies, behind the innovation and daily development continues. Today we get to know better Alberto Modica, head of the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Centre. An opportunity to retrace a history closely linked to the company and see live the “behind the scenes” of one of the focal point for the group: the showroom.
The first time I joined Giardina Group was in 2000, but over the years I also traveled other paths, until 2019, the year of my definitive return. A long history, a long journey that led me to know almost every aspect of the group: from the business side to the technical side, from wood to glass, from long journeys to being in the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Center on a daily basis. It was an important and very satisfying experience because-even when I was not in Giardina Group-I never completely left. That’s why today Giardina Group is a bit like my home”.

A two-way relationship we said…
Exactly. In Giardina Group they believed in my potential, and I am trying to return the trust day after day, with commitment, with continuous training. What makes me proud is the fact that this is a mutual “investment”.

What are the values that customers recognize in Giardina Group?
There are many aspects that convince our customers to choose us. Certainly the product, technology and innovation have a weight in the choice. Yet, as romantic as it may sound, I think the strength of Giardina Group is the fact that we put our heart into Giardina Group, that we follow our customers with passion. We do not look for the easiest solution, but for the right one, reflecting that desire to do that characterizes great “made in Italy” companies”.

From 2001 to 2024, the world has changed. Has the industry changed as well?
Over the years the way of working has certainly changed, it has adapted to new technologies, to the change of mentality and – especially – to the needs of our customers. To give an example, today everything is controlled from a touch screen, but until a few years ago this was not the case. A small revolution that we take for granted today, but it has profoundly changed this industry.
Not only the touch screen of course. Technologies today are becoming more efficient, faster, more precise. Even at the level of ‘use’ they have changed: they are more and more intuitive

Technologies,” Alberto Modica continues, “have also changed according to paints, to choices that are increasingly green and directed toward sustainability. A constant evolution that we see on a daily basis and follows the needs of our customers. Every day the bar is raised and we are always happy to find a new solution”.

A focal point of this innovation is precisely the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Center.
Exactly. The showroom is our flagship. A staple that our customers now recognize and appreciate”.

What is the most satisfying aspect of the work?
It may sound trivial, but it is seeing and feeling the satisfaction of our customers. After a lab test, after an in-house installation. To know that we have responded to a need of theirs, that we were willing and able to go the extra mile”.

Which machine am I most attached to? There are many, from the “Rolltech Flexi” that we presented during the 2022 edition of Xylexpo to the uv led ovens, but I think if I had to choose one I would say the “Dualtech 400,” a two-arm oscillating sprayer that-we can say it-has made history for the company”.

If we had to describe Giardina Group in three words, what would we use?
Innovation, pride and esteem. The innovation that sets us apart, the pride in representing the brand, and the esteem that customers feel for us and that drives them to choose us every time”.

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