Giardina Group line for roller applications with “GST Zerogloss” and “GST Inert”

A video that summarizes in a matter of seconds the best of the technologies available today in roller finishes. In just under a minute, the new Giardina Group video shows the various technologies that simulate a true production process: the “G02/05” precision roller coater, equipped with a striped applicator roller to apply about 40 grams per square meter of ultra-matt UV finish, a first UV gelling oven “GST GEL”, a second UV excimer oven “GST Zerogloss” that opacifies the surface, and a further step for the final drying in an inert atmosphere “GST Inert”. A detail shown in this video is the combination of the “GST Zerogloss” and “GST Inert” technologies in the same oven, a new feature offered by Giardina Group in recent months which is proving very successful, thanks above all to its amazing results: an ultra-matt finish (2-3 percent), an excellent “soft-touch” and anti-fingerprint effect, combined with very high scratch resistance.

The painting of flat surfaces with roller application technology is a technological milestone reached in the now distant 60s, but it has been able to renew itself along with the development of new painting products; just think of UV drying products and how these have actually pushed toward a profound technological change in roller coaters.

Giardina Group has always been the protagonist of this evolution worldwide, first adopting a dosing roller with “Reverse” rotation to obtain high-level finishes, to then designing and building a double roller applicator coating machine, the second with “Reverse” rotation, for applications of large quantities of product while keeping a smooth surface; not to mention the filling machines that have allowed hundreds of users around the world to enhance the quality of the surfaces.

A journey that has its foundations in the great technical and mechanical skills that have made it possible to define solutions – like, for example, the adoption of an applicator roller that is always of the same diameter as the contrast roller – to achieve superior levels of quality and reliability, leading to the construction of machines with a useful working width of up to 3,400 mm for important customers worldwide.

At Giardina Group, the evolution of the application methods has always been accompanied by the utmost attention to all the steps that support the painting process: from drying technology to pre-treatment, without forgetting automation and handling.

And it is precisely in the field of drying technologies that in 2018 Giardina Group presented the “GST Zerogloss” excimer technology, thanks to which you can obtain ultra-matt surfaces of excellent quality and mechanical resistance at the highest levels.

The secret of Giardina Group’s quality lies in the knowledge of each specific phase of the finishing process: only a constant commitment to achieving the maximum possible synergy between the continuous evolution of application methods, drying systems, painting products, and aesthetic trends – without neglecting the design and needs of the end market – can lead to such results.

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