Giardina Group at Ligna: great interest in technology

Lots of contacts and great interest. The 2023 edition of Ligna closed with a smile for Giardina Group, the Figino Serenza-based group specialized in painting and finishing solutions. An intense five days in which the interest in technologies “made in Giardina Group” was tangible. More than 300 demonstrations were carried out by the group, 600 panels painted, and more than 800 “direct” contacts.

A strong interest that particularly involved the Rolltech Flexi, a roller machine that allows three-dimensional surfaces to be painted extremely effectively. A solution that has attracted the attention of many operators who are considering replacing more traditional technologies in the future.

Not only “Rolltech Flexi”. Under the spotlight, in addition to the “Dualtech Forma”, the two-arm automatic spraying machine born from the collaboration with Pininfarina, the excimer technology and the “ZeroGloss” oven. Solutions and technologies that, looking to the future, will play an increasingly important role in finishing processes.

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