World Bicycle Day 2021

I know well that riding a bicycle is a simple story, for people who know how to look straight ahead and know they have to struggle”.

Today, for the World Bicycle day, we have chosen to offer you these words by Giampiero Mauri spoken a few years ago. Because bicycle is a metaphor for life: to get to the top of a mountain it is necessary to struggle, commit and never give up. Ups and downs, one climb after another, getting up on the pedals when necessary, aware that at the end of each climb you have to prepare for the next. Because after all, “behind every target, there is always a new goal…“.

We thank all the friends of S.C. Marianese – of which we have been proud supporters and sponsors for years – for the photos. A collaboration that has been going on for years and that has also been renewed this year.

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