The latest complete sanding line by Destefani | Video

In this recently made video, you can watch the complete sanding line made by Destefani, the well-known brand specializing in sanding solutions.

This is a line for sanding solid wood elements on all four sides in a single run. Perfect for finishing furniture elements, profiles, jambs, door and window parts and trims, this line guarantees the maximum flexibility, highest quality, excellent productivity.

Three sanding units, consisting of: longitudinal and transverse sanding units, which work on the undersides, sides and top of the workpieces; Control unit for individual units; Upper transverse unit; Upper longitudinal unit; “Scotch Brite” unit; Side transverse unit; Side longitudinal unit.

Not only, the modular line can be configured to customer requirements, consisting of: transverse belt sanding unit; longitudinal belt sanding unit with reciprocating oscillating motion; belt sanding unit with interchangeable pad; abrasive wheel sanding unit.
Part width: 30 to 200 mm. Minimum length: 450 mm.

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