What do you need?

The long experience of the GiardinaGroup allows them to design, develop and manufacture complete machines and systems for coating wood, glass, plastic, metal, cement and composite materials. Since June 2020, thanks to the acquisition of De Stefani, machines and solutions for sanding edges, profiles and surfaces have been included. GiardinaGroup provides many solutions for special applications.
The vast catalogue includes roller, veil, spray, automated and robotized painting lines, with hot air, UV or micro-wave drying systems; overhead lines for painting windows or three-dimensional pieces; painting booths and special systems for any need. GiardinaGroup recently added a complete catalogue with sanding solutions.
The entire production process of the “GiardinaGroup” solution takes place in Italy, in Figino Serenza and Giussano, in the heart of the “Brianza del mobile” and a few kilometers from Milan, capital of the economy and industry but also of design, style, taste, and trends  in terms of surfaces and finishes…

GiardinaGroup provides engineering solutions for metal coating. Each system is studied according to the specific needs of each customer, showing that even in a sector with strong peculiarities GiardinaGroup guarantees skills and technologies of absolute excellence for any production cycle.
The glass finishing solutions are born from the requests of numerous and important customers all over the world who have stimulated the group to face this challenge. Today GiardinaGroup has a real "Glass Division": professionals, tools and specific skills dedicated to the development solutions for finishing and decoration with roller, spray, curtain and screen printing technology for architecture, furniture, automotive and lighting.
GiardinaGroup designs and manufactures complete finishing systems for wooden or wood-based elements using the best available technologies. Each system is designed according to the specific needs of each customer, in order to provide the most suitable solution to the characteristics required by the investment.
Composite materials
The ever increasing attention to the environment leads everyone to seek ecological and innovative solutions, with new materials or in new combinations. Giardina is no exception, offering its customers creative applications after carefully analyzing the characteristics of the production processes and the supports involved.
GiardinaGroup has always been "exporting" its know-how, borne from wood, to other materials. The company has a strong experience in the design and manufacture of finishing installations for plastic materials based on the roller, curtain or spray technology, for both flat items and shaped elements or more complex products.
Cement, fibercement
Is one of the relatively newer materials available to clients. And we make good use of it, transforming it with increasingly lighter and aesthetically appreciable results. Giardina comes into play at the service of its customers with proposals for the application of decorative or protective products also in this field.
In addition to the long and complex application and tempering processes, Giardina deals with the ceramic sector in the so-called cold coating. With compact and functional lines, it offers solid and reliable work tools to operators in this sector.
In line with the needs of dynamism and precision linked to the aerospace sector, Giardina also presents itself as one of the Italian excellences at the service of those who look to the future with turnkey plants.
Safety, comfort, reliability, flexibility and innovation. These are the objectives of the automotive industry, which Giardina marries with its customized solutions to offer lines or modules for the application of protective products or surface finishing products.