Model “MVT 1000 (LVGT 1AT)” is the most compact edge sander in the “MVT” series, a set of automatic and single-side solutions for sanding MDF and chipboard panel edges coated with PU base or water-base products. This machine is designed to process kitchen doors, interior and external doors and many other furniture products.

“MVT 1000 (LVGT 1AT)” is equipped with one single “AT” aggregate, a belt sanding unit to sand molded edges and profiles up to 110 millimeters thick, with adjustable angle and interchangeable pad, to allow for the utmost possible flexibility. The machine has a “PLC” (“Programmable Logic Controller”) as a general automation control unit and a dedicated “PLC” on each individual unit.

“MVT 1000 (LVGT 1AT)” consists of a thick steel frame, designed to compensate vibrations and guarantee perfect stability even during the more demanding work phases.
The side guide keeps the part straight while running in the machine on a track – which runs on two interchangeable steel guides – with a steel chain, on which the pads covered in high-resistance rubber 80 mm wide are fixed. The motor power is 0.75 kW and the part running speed – electronically adjustable with inverter – can be set from 5 up to 25 meters per minute.
“MVT 1000 (LVGT 1AT)”, with a base of 1,200 millimeter in length, can process parts with minimum length 200 millimeters, 50 millimeters wide and 100 millimeters thick.

Workable sides: 1
Minimum part length: 200mm
Minimum part width: 50mm
Maximum part thickness: 100mm
Processing speed: from 5 to 25m/min
Conveyor motor power: 0.75kW
Worktop height: 900mm
Total installed power: 3 kW
Voltage: 400V
Machine length: 2,600mm
Machine width: 1,700mm
Machine height: 1,500mm
Part infeed-outfeed: manual

AT 110
Motor power: 2.2kW
Variable belt rotation speed: 0,5 to 11 m/s
Sanding belt oscillation motor: 35 W
Adjustable work angle: from -10 to +90 degrees
Pulley thickness: 110 mm
Sanding belt maximum size: 2,800 x 110h mm

Pneumatic blower to clean the parts with housing and spinning blowers with timed intervention inside.
Industry 4.0” Set up.

“MVT 1000 (LVGT 1AT)” can process the following types of edges:

Want to see the “Destefani MVT” in operation? Click here.

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