Model “MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” is the most compact profile sander in the “MVS” series. Designed to sand frames, rods, moldings, window frames, veneered, solid wood and raw or coated MDF (coated with paint, polyurethane base coats, polyester or other coatings).
Model “MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” is fitted with a thick steel frame, designed to compensate vibrations and guarantee perfect stability even during the more demanding work phases. The fixed base is 2.4 meter long and the work aggregates are aligned on the right or left hand side of the belt modules. The support feet allow the work height adjustment. Moreover, the “MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” is designed to sand all four sides of the profile.

“MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” is fitted with four wheel sanding units of the Scotch Brite (“Sb”) type, abrasive wheels for finishing, denibbing and brushing the sanded surfaces: two “SB100” aggregates operate on the profile side (side units with a useful thickness range up to 100 millimeters and 1.5 kW motor), the two “SB300” aggregates operate in a useful range up to 300 millimeters with their 2.2 kW motor. The four aggregates are tiltable up to 180 degrees (side and top operation).
With its flexible set-up, model “MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” can process parts with a minimum length of 800 millimeters and up to 300 millimeters in width, with a thickness up to 80 millimeters, and it offers high quality results in a contained timeframe.

The parts run on three 120 mm rectified rubber belts with central guide, activated by a cardanic drive with elastic compensating joints. The drive motor (1.5 kW) sits in a central position; the speed can be electronically adjusted via frequency drive. The side guides are bars with idle rubber rollers adjustable in width and thickness (rack system).

Workable sides: 4
Minimum part length: 800mm
Maximum part width: 300mm
Maximum part thickness: 80mm
Number of conveyor belts: 3
Number of sanding wheels per slot: 2
Processing speed: from 10 to 40m/min (up to 100m/min upon request)
Conveyor motor power: 1.5kW
Worktop height: 900mm
Total installed power: 9kW
Voltage: 400V
Machine length: 2,380mm
Machine width: 1,750mm
Machine height: 1,500mm
Part infeed-outfeed: manual

Motor power: 1.5kW
Wheel size: 200x100mm
Suction port size: 100mm
Wheel rotation speed: between 420 and 1,720rpm
Wheel shaft: 30mm
Spindle-sanding wheel connection flange: 76mm
Angular adjustment: from -90 to +90 degrees

Motor power: 2.25kW
Wheel size: 200x300mm
Suction port size: 100mm
Wheel rotation speed: between 420 and 1,720rpm
Wheel shaft: 30mm
Spindle-grinding wheel connection flange: 76mm
Angular adjustment: from -90 to +90 degrees

Electropneumatic system with timed intervention on infeed and outfeed of the sanding aggregate, manageable from the touchscreen panel.
Bi-directional Electronic recovery system to compensate for the sanding wheel wear, controlled by the programmable logic, to compensate wear in all operating positions.
Pneumatic blower to clean the parts with housing and spinning blowers with timed intervention inside.
Industry 4.0” Set up.


“MVS 2500 (LVGS 4SB800)” can process the following types of profiles:

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