New products presented in Hannover

“We have shown the focal points of our production, focusing a lot on the new products: I must say that the events of recent years and the necessary renovation have led us to a different management and vision, which has not failed to influence our ability to innovate.” This is how Stefano Tibè, sales director of Giardina Group, explained the strategy that has led to the definition of the “Guidelines” for the participation in Ligna.

A journey of ideas and innovation that has never stopped and that sports Giardina Group as one of the very first pioneers of excimer technology with the “GST Zero Gloss” mattifying tunnels; a process known to the technological world in which the group has believed for several years.
“At Ligna we have brought, first of all, our excimer technology, in which we have believed perhaps more than others, first defining a laboratory solution, installed at many of the world’s leading paint manufacturers to develop the most suitable paint materials for this process, a technique that is certainly not new, but that is finally offering the results that many were looking for, to then arrive to an industrial oven that we’ll reveal right in Hannover. We have exhibited two roller machines – one for finishes with grammage up to 5/7 grams and the other that can reach 20, 30 grams per square meter – and the panels opainted like this have been mattified with our “Gst Zero Gloss” excimer oven and finally reticulated with our very well-known ‘Gst Uv’ technology. We have then demonstrated the result on different finishes for different sectors, wooden flooring and furniture.
At Ligna we have presented another great world innovation, a brand-new solution for the mattifying of three-dimensional spray-painted surfaces using excimer UV radiation, an application that will surely meet the interest of a vast public and will be our surprise!”
Giardina Group offers two technological solutions, an oven for industrial applications and a laboratory version.
You can obtain transparent or pigmented finishes and the coating products that can be used are 100% solids UV and solvent or water-based UV.

During Ligna we have also presented “Softy”, a very soft roller that – installed on the coating machines – will show how it is possible to obtain even with roller machines the results that were until now reserved for spray applications, reducing emissions and with maximum transfer efficiency. All of this with the collaboration of some big names of the coating industry – Adler Lacke, Heidelberg Coatings, Ica, Sherwin Williams, Sirca – who has been the protagonists of “Show time”, the demo calendar that has made these companies the stars of the Giardina Group stand every day.

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