New automatic spraying line by GiardinaGroup

In this short video Giardina Group, the Figino Serenza-based company leader in painting and finishing solutions, presents its latest fully automated line dedicated to spray painting, perfect for painting panels and doors, capable of completing a side in just one minute!

The line consists of a “Movetech Bt” belt conveyor bench which transports the pieces to the “Cleantech G02/20” dusting machine. From here the pieces are painted by the “Dualtech 400 Sbc” automatic sprayer and the drying is completed by the “Vertech Gpm 6” oven, the solution designed for drying the pieces in small spaces, and by a “Uvtech Gst Uv” oven.

An extremely flexible complete line that embodies all the experience accumulated by the company in its history. Speed ​​and precision for a perfect finish resulting from the experience and skills “made in Giardina Group”, a company that has always been synonymous with quality and reliability.


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