Giardina Group’s new website is now online

A few days ago Giardina Group went online with a renewed website, which had been updated to improve its search engine placement and to make it more convenient and pleasant to use on all types of devices.

The previous version had been published just 18 months ago, but establishment of the new company DESTEFANI srl, thanks to recent acquisition of De Stefani Valerio, and the data collected during SEO activities conducted in different markets provided a great deal of important feedback.

The upgrade also provided a chance to fine-tune the presentation of the group’s increasingly more comprehensive catalogue and to restructure the sales-related contact information more clearly, a section where extra details were added to underscore the new relations with agents and dealers tasked with developing the business in many different countries.

New functions were also linked to the group newsletter, already sent to several thousands of operators worldwide and now with an even easier subscription process.

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