Giardina Group returns to Xylexpo!

Giardina Group returns to Xylexpo with a clear desire to show off all the work it has done over the last few difficult years. A challenging time, but one that also brought great satisfaction and was a valuable opportunity to reflect on one’s own business activities and to undertake new initiatives. 

A specific entrepreneurial path, starting with the decision to breathe new life into Destefani, one of the best known Italian brands in edge and profile sanding, and culminating in the Italian Group’s latest and greatest adventure, a partnership with Pininfarina that marks the beginning of a new season, the first accomplishment of which is the brand new “Dualtech Forma” automatic spraying machine, unveiled in Milan on 12th October as a world premiere. 

Seventy employees, a turnover of around 20 million euros, an export share of close to 95% and know-how that has resulted in an extremely comprehensive catalogue: from beam impregnation to the treatment of “Jumbo” glass sheets, from profile finishing to sophisticated robot systems for coating windows and doors or furniture building materials. Today Giardina Group stands for design, development and manufacture of machines and full systems for roller, film, spray and vacuum coating; automated and robotic lines with hot air, UV or microwave drying systems; overhead lines to coat windows and doors or three-dimensional pieces, spray booths and special systems, edge and profile sanding solutions.  

At Xylexpo, Giardina Group will have a stand that showcases the Group’s two current focal points: coating and sanding. For coating, Giardina Group unveils in Milan – alongside the aforementioned, iconic “Dualtech Forma” – the “2VE” profile spraying machine, which, completely redesigned, is already achieving outstanding success in the finishing of solid wood elements. In the spotlight is the brand new “Flexi Roll”, which combines the search for the highest coating quality with the increasingly urgent need to optimise costs and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, a technology – available in various configurations – that achieves significant results in the treatment of not only flat, but also three-dimensional surfaces. 

“Thanks to the new “Flexi Roll”, we have been able to develop a new production process that can be integrated into our already wide range of roller coaters and with drying technology – commented Stefano Tibè, Sales Manager of the Group – and we are confident that this technology can provide new insights into the coating cycles of those surfaces for which, until now, spray coating was very often preferred”. A process that will be seen fully operational at Xylexpo. 

With regards to sanding, Destefani will be exhibiting several solutions in Milan, including the “MVT 4000” single-side edge sanding machine, in a particularly effective configuration that makes it perfect for sanding the edges of MDF panels, chipboard and coated elements. Not far behind will be the “MVS 2500″, the smallest profile sander in the “MVS” range, an authentic masterpiece by Destefani, designed and manufactured for sanding frames, poles, strips, elements of door and window frames, veneers, solid wood elements and unfinished or treated MDF parts.  

But the real innovation that Destefani proposes in Milan is the “MVS Floor” profile brushing/sanding machine equipped to be particularly effective in machining wooden floor elements, guaranteeing excellent levels of finish not only on the sides, but also on the top surface of the element, creating three-dimensional effects increasingly sought after on the market, which can be obtained extremely easily with this machine. 

 “It is a pleasure for us to finally be able to exhibit in Milan again”, comment Stefano and Riccardo Mauri, owners of Giardina Group. “We have carved out an important part of our history at this trade fair, and although today we are more focused on increasing the visibility and operability of our brands in every corner of the world, Italy and the markets most effectively targeted by the Milan show continue to be a very important opportunity for us”. 

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