Giardina Group and Heidelberg Coatings: a two-day parquet event

On 8 and 9 September, Giardina Group, the Figino Serenza-based company specialized in painting and finishing solutions, and Heidelberg Coatings, the well-known German paint manufacturer, organized a two-day finishing event at the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Centre for a selected group of parquet manufacturers, with demonstrations and tests aimed at showing the quality of the finish that can be achieved using Giardina Group machines and Heidelberg Coatings paints.   

In particular, the Giardina Group showcased the latest in roller coating, the “Rolltech Flexy”, a double-headed coating machine.
They are two intense but satisfying days,” said Stefano Tibè, sales manager of the Figino Serenza-based group. “We ranged over different types of applications and drying, from UV rays to excimer ovens. And, in particular, we showed the great potential of the ‘Rolltech Flexy’, a machine that combines the search for the highest quality of coating with the increasingly pressing need to optimize costs and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere“.  

Our and Heidelberg Coatings’ goal was to be able to show how our machines and their coatings can achieve very high quality and very durable finishes,” concluded Stefano Tibè. “And we are convinced that we have succeeded”.  

A new technology (available in various configurations) that enables important results to be obtained in the treatment of not only flat surfaces, but also 3D surfaces, such as interior doors, kitchen doors, panels for furniture, construction and all those substrates that need to be painted.    

Among the main strengths of this new technology “made in Giardina Group” are the large size of the rollers: the applicator roller, in fact, is 400 millimetres, while the metering roller reaches 260 millimetres. The large size of the roller makes it possible to have a greater contact surface between the applicator roller and the substrate to be painted, with a wider coverage of the same; a reduction in build-up on the edges of the substrate to be painted; a reduction in the mechanical stress of the applicator roller and the possibility of working with greater pressure on the product thanks to the high solidity of the machine.

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