Four-stage vertical oven

The four-stage vertical oven designed and built by Giardina Group optimally performs the four phases that characterize a perfect drying process: flash-off, first heating, second heating, and cooling.
The drying curve is guaranteed by the four stages in which the oven is structured, one for each phase, and each stage is separated from the other by dividing panels. In two- or three-stage ovens, instead, some of the four phases are performed in the same spaces, therefore a homogeneous separation between them is not guaranteed.

The version of four-stage vertical oven presented in this video adopts a belt tray system, perfect for small pieces (there are no dangers related to their handling) and for large and heavy elements which, being able to rest on a large and regular surface, do not risk an alteration to the contact surface already painted with the tray.
On request, it is possible to have the Giardina Group four-stage oven in an ideal set-up for those who have to process both low-thickness pieces (flat doors) and high-thickness ones (curved doors): by reducing the number of trays the problem is solved, keeping the duration in each phase and for each product, whatever its thickness, constant and homogeneous.

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