Essentiality, diversity and innovation: “Dualtech Forma”

Essentiality, diversity and innovation. The keywords of “Dualtech Forma”, design, the two-arm sprayer made by Giardina Group – the Figino Serenza (Como, Italy)-specialized manufacturer of painting and finishing solutions – and “designed” by Pininfarina: an actual “system” with which to tackle any spray painting issue, from small productions to very large volumes, in terms of quality, productivity, flexibility and sustainability.

“Dualtech Forma” is the perfect combination of the highest design standards, which boasts Pininfarina as one of its most celebrated leaders, with the values that have always symbolized Giardina Group solutions. A prestigious partnership, through which Giardina Group has entrusted Pininfarina with the task of designing the Italian group’s new automatic sprayer.
A collaboration between two “made in Italy” companies, interpreters of a unique know-how, which in an industrial painting solution have been able to concentrate innovation, research and customer care: a strong contribution to Giardina Group’s business strategies to expand its business worldwide.


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