Destefani: new headquarter is operational

New, suggestive and with a large space to respond to market demands. This is the new Destefani headquarters, whose works have been completed in the last few weeks and is already officially operational: 2 thousand square meters of space that will accommodate all the production of Destefani machines and will offer customers a new exhibition space in order to “touch with hand” all the best of the production of this historic brand. It is in Via Provinciale Novedratese 25 next to the “Giampiero Mauri Innovation Center”, the Giardina Group showroom.

Moving and expanding the Destefani headquarters was a choice dictated by the market: the requests for sanding machines continue to increase and having a new, larger space was essential”, says Stefano Mauri, co-owner of Giardina Group together with his brother Riccardo. “It will be a space that will combine the production department with the exhibition center and will also offer our customers the opportunity to see and experience all the best of our production live“.

Technology, space and quality: Destefani therefore changes the location, but not the values ​​that have distinguished it in its more than forty years of experience.

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