Brazil: renewed the collaboration between Giardina Group and Spido Industria

A collaboration that is renewed, a new year together to reach new and increasingly satisfying goals. The collaboration between Giardina Group and Spido Industria continues also for 2022, to what promises – on the Brazilian and South American front, but not only – as an intense year and hopefully full of satisfactions.

“It is with great pleasure that we renew the long collaboration with Giardina Group and Destefani: with their technologies we know we can guarantee our customers throughout Brazil and neighbouring countries modern and effective solutions for painting and sanding edges and profiles, that they will always be able to see in work in our permanent show room”, commented Roberto Spido.

“The experience of our first open house in Brazil (held from 30 August to 10 September 2021, for more information click here), where it was possible see the fastness and quality guaranteed by our automatic spraying machine “Dualtech 400” once again confirmed the profound evolution underway, with ever more research strong in reliable, fast machines, capable of guaranteeing excellent levels of quality and with assistance guaranteed by the technicians of our partner Spido”, commented Stefano Mauri, owner with his brother Riccardo of the two Italian companies.

In 2022, specific training courses will be organized at the Spido showroom for all operators who want to learn more about the solutions for painting and sanding edges and profiles designed and manufactured by the Italian group.

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