Bamar Puertas – Giardina Group: a partnership in the name of quality

Four generations on one side and two on the other: two long-standing companies and two brands that have always been synonymous with quality. Talking about the partnership between Bamar Puertas, the renowned Spanish door manufacturer, and Giardina Group, the Figino Serenza-based group specializing in painting and finishing solutions, means talking about a collaboration between two companies for whom quality is a true hallmark. “I represent the fourth successful generation in this industry. My great-grandfather was a carpenter,Pedro A. Martìnez, owner of the Spanish company, told us. “A journey like Bamar Puertas that began in 1991 and so far has led us to make more than 900 doors a day. An intense production that still gives us considerable satisfaction.



A journey that crossed roads with Giardina Group and led to a 17-year-strong partnership.
We have been working with Giardina Group since 2005, when we purchased a complete flat painting handling line. A careful purchase we made after considering various scenarios, weighing up the technologies (including those of competitors) and, above all, after asking several questions. Giardina Group gave us the answers we were looking for and precise solutions to any problem we might have had, such as – for example – painting
the edges on the same line as the surface, for which Giardina Group has provided us with a pioneering machine at an international level.”

In 2018 we needed something else: to be able to perfectly paint pieces milled in a line, without using the far more expensive spray technology. And with the support of the Figino Serenza-based group and its technicians, we have achieved our goal.” A fully automated closed-circuit line was created for Bamar Puertas: from loading the doors to applying and drying the base, from sanding to applying and drying the finish, including an automatic rotation system for the doors to paint them on both sides. A unique line of its kind to manufacture more than 800 doors per day and shift.

We needed to be able to change the manufacturing system, as the gun system we were using caused us to waste too much paint, with a resulting increase in manufacturing costs,” said Pedro A. Martìnez. “To reduce waste and streamline the process, we decided to contact Giardina Group again. With the support of Filippo Germanò, sales area manager at Giardina Group, and the company’s technicians, we were able to design the best-suited solution according to our needs and in 2018 we assembled the line.



What was your impression?
Working with a new and truly unique system, we knew that it would take some time to install the line and get the best out of it. We were right in the middle of the installation stage when the pandemic that slowed us down broke out. This meant longer times, given the difficulties in moving around and all the causes all of us are all too familiar with, but it was worth it.

We have a great relationship with Giardina Group, first and foremost with Filippo Germanò, but also with all the technicians and with Francesc-Miquel Fernandez Capilla, the group’s agent in Spain, who helped us make the line work” added Bamar Puertas’ owner. “A relationship, a trust that pushed us and would push us to choose them again. They are reliable people, who work well, listen to you and always offer you solutions to any problem that may arise. We know we can count on them: on the quality of the product and on the quality of the people.”



What are Bamar Puertas’ goals for the future?
We have to say that these two years have not been easy, but we have managed to never have to close down, thus being able to maintain a constant production, though with the limitations we are all familiar with. This is why in 2022 we hope to be able to further expand our production. Clearly raw materials permitting… This is the great question mark for the near future: being able to find the necessary raw materials and to hopefully do so at
the right price.”

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