AWFS Las Vegas positive experience

We partecipated in AWFS 2019 exposition in Las Vegas with a precise purpose: show our technologic skill and, at the same time, reaffirm our proximity to Western United Statess, an area characterized by the presence of our clients’ little and medium enterprises. So we came with tecnologies made for entreprises like these, reminding once more our will to be a partner and a reference for anyone who works with finishing, independently from its dimensions. And with our sprayer “Dualtech 415” with paper transportation, that we brought to the ex position, we caught the mark!

A very positive feedback from the operators’ public, with the opportunity to establish good quality contacts that will give us so many pleauress in the future… our clients with whom we already have consolidated relationships didn’t miss: we shared opinions with them, without missing the chance to show our latest innovation, presented in the last Ligna, most of all our excimer technology “GST Zerogloss” that allows to obtain “ultra opaque” surfaces with both finishings applicated with roll machines and our latest versions for tridimensional spray-painted surfaces.

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