Artcraft Giardina Group

Artcraft is a flourishing company based in Canada, near the Niagara Falls. It produces high-end Italian-style kitchens characterized by an exclusive design and top quality finish. The company chose the technologies of the Giardina Group already some fifteen years ago, a 5-axis “GS25” robot with numerical control. This equipment today is still in use to finish most of the kitchens produced by the Canadian company.

The company constant grouth has led to the decision to install a new robotic system. The new system has been fully operational for some months now, to the great satisfaction of the owner, Mr. Daniel Trabucco.

Another step will be completed shortly: the modernization of the existing “GS25” robot with a new control unit, a more modern and efficient motorization of the cnc axes and the conversion from the self-cleaning conveyor belt to a disposable paper belt.

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