A new automated line at BD Lemntech

A new automated line – designed for the application of ecological water-based UV products – for double satisfaction. On the one hand that of Bd Lemntech, a Romanian company based near Bucharest which has a large production of wooden displays, panels and objects, able to make a further leap in quality, on the other that of Giardina Group, which despite the difficulties in moving around due to the period, it managed to complete an important installation and – even more important – it managed to provide the customer with an efficient line capable of satisfying his needs.

Thanks to this fully automated line for painting and drying supplied to us by Giardina Group we have made a further leap in quality and we are able to obtain the highest quality in the shortest possible time“, declared a satisfied Andrei Constantinescu, the owner of Bd Lemntech, regarding the functionality of the line.

It was not easy to complete the installation of the line in times of health emergency,” commented Carlo Di Cerbo, Sales Area Manager of Giardina Group. “Our technicians also had to operate in remote assistance, given the well-known problems when traveling, and for this we would like to warmly thank Florin Iancu and Paul Teodorescu, the owners of WoodExpert, our agents in Romania. Also thanks to their commitment and their skills, we were able to complete the installation quickly and smoothly“.

The new Giardina Group automated line consists of a loading bench in a pressurized room, the “Dualtech 420 Sbc” automatic spraying machine with disposable paper system, a multi-deck oven mod. “Gpm/6/6500” the solution designed for drying paint products in small spaces, and a Uv polymerization oven mod. “Gst 1501/2 – 3 DR”, which allows the polymerization of paint products on all types of flat or shaped supports.

A new line, a new plant, a great satisfaction.


Do you want to watch the video made by Bd Lemntech (whom we thank)? Click here.

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