A highly automated processing line for profiles is born

Giardina Group presents the new line for the sanding and painting of profiles of any size, a solution born from the long experience of Mauri Macchine in the painting of profiles, from the competence of Giardina Group in painting and in the management of finishing processes, from the Destefani excellence in the field of sanding.

The strong specialization gathered today in the Italian group allow, in fact, to design and implement flexible solutions, which can be managed in a simple and intuitive way by any operator, configured according to the productivity that the customer intends to achieve and with automation levels such as to make absolutely fast and cheap any type of finish on any profile.

The line consists of the “CR90” loader which feeds the elements to the “MVS” four-wheel sander. From here the “BC3000” conveyor belt carries the profiles to the “1VE” spray machine, before the “SF3500” loader deposits them on the trolleys for drying and handling.

A solution that solves every problem, guarantees the highest quality, born from the experience of a group that has always been synonymous with reliability!

Plants shipped and others to be shipped: a spray plant for the painting of wooden beads directed to Austria and another similar plant that will be shipped to Canada in the next few days are almost ready.
Always on the move, always ready to face new challenges.

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