2SF - 3SF - 4SF - 5SF

The automatic loaders for trolleys with fixed side mod. SF are used at the exit of the spray, curtain and vacuum finishing lines to load the pieces directly onto the trolleys without the aid of personnel.
Models in different sizes and different number of arms are available according to customer needs.

CR90 / SR90

The 90 ° loader or unloader has been developed to automatically load or unload profiles, strips, frames to or from a spray, curtain coater or vacuum finishing line for moldings
Several models are available depending on the type and size of the items to be managed.


Giardina Group offers a whole series of customized solutions for the global management of painting systems: loading, unloading, turn over, transfer and optimization according to the needs of each individual project.

Every single painting line can be customized with advanced management and process control systems so that it can be integrated into the company management system. It is also possible to remotely manage, through our dedicated telematics assistance service, all assistance needs.