Flow Coating

Flow Coating is a traditional vertical painting system for panels, door frames and components hanging from an overhead conveyor system. It is mainly used with water-based products such as impregnating products, intermediate fillers.
While the parts run through the Flow coating, two nozzle ramps positioned vertically on the left and right side spray a consistent flow of material that completely covers the surface of the part.

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Flow Line

The FlowLine impregnation machine is suitable for the application of impregnating products, intermediate filler (both transparent and pigmented) on frames, rods, matchboard, skirting boards, unassembled frames and linear profiles in general.
The product collection tank is removable to allow easier maintenance and the dry filtration tower ensures the removal of excess particulate.

Disassembled Frames

The finishing lines for disassembled frames are developed to finish window frames and furniture components hanging from an overhead conveyor.
They can be designed with manual spray stations, automatic spray stations with reciprocators or vertical robots, flow coating and hot air drying systems, selected microwave ovens according to the characteristics of the product and the items to be processed.
Our technical consultants will be able to suggest the ideal solution according to customer needs.

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