The 1VE spray machine for moldings with one tank is designed to finish wood, plastic and metal profiles.
The removable tank allows easy maintenance. The guns are equipped with an independent power supply circuit with spraying parameters managed via touch screen.

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The 2VE spray machine for moldings with two tanks allows finishing of wood, plastic and metal profiles.
The two removable tanks allow for easy maintenance. The guns are equipped with an independent power supply circuit with spraying parameters managed via touch screen.

CS Spray

The CS painting booth is an ideal working environment for the manual finishing of various types of artefacts.
Pigments are captured by two vertical filtration stages.
Available in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs.

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Dualtech 415 Glass

The Dualtech 415 oscillating sprayer with central arm, is used to spray ceramic or organic products on glass sheets.
Compact and robust, this machine can coat single pieces up to large batches with good quality and reliability.
It can be supplied both in the paper belt version for very low maintenance and very quick changeover times, or in the synthetic belt version (2000 mm) with the classic and reliable Giardina Group product recovery and belt cleaning system. With the Dualfast quick-change device, the operator can change color in a few seconds and start spraying without wasting precious time cleaning the guns in the machine.


Painting robot for doors, panels, cabinet doors, flat or shaped surfaces.
The GS20 model, with paper belt conveyor, is particularly suitable for the application of glue and other products on request.

GS20 Stacks

The GS20 Stacks robot was created to paint the edges of panels in stacks.
Made in different sizes according to customer needs.


The GS25 spray robot is a 6-axis cartesian robot with numerical control able to finish parts with any shape and size, following the contour and optimizing the coating of surfaces and edges.
It is available with Dry or Wet filtration system, with synthetic or paper conveyor belt.
The spraying head can be made in different configurations according to the type of use. 2D or 3D piece detection system.


The GS25C 6-axis Cartesian robot is designed for finishing coffins.
The robot detects of the dimension and shape of the items to be coated and sprays primer and top coats in a completely automated way. Programs or finishing settings can be pre-configured by the operator.


The GS25V 6-axis Cartesian robot is ideal for finishing doors and windows and any item that must be sprayed vertically on an overhead conveyor.
The advanced piece detection and data processing and motion control system of the GS25V robot is one of the most effective tools available to companies on the ever-evolving window and door market. It is available in different sizes.


The Manual Spray Line offers the possibility to coat any type of product on manufactured articles of different shapes and sizes moved by an automatic tray system.
The finishing is done completely manually, so you can check every detail.
The parts run automatically through the finishing phase to the drying phase thanks to the completely automated and very efficient part conveying system.