The 1VE spray machine for moldings with one tank is designed to finish wood, plastic and metal profiles.
The removable tank allows easy maintenance. The guns are equipped with an independent power supply circuit with spraying parameters managed via touch screen.

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2SF - 3SF - 4SF - 5SF

The automatic loaders for trolleys with fixed side mod. SF are used at the exit of the spray, curtain and vacuum finishing lines to load the pieces directly onto the trolleys without the aid of personnel.
Models in different sizes and different number of arms are available according to customer needs.


The 2VE spray machine for moldings with two tanks allows finishing of wood, plastic and metal profiles.
The two removable tanks allow for easy maintenance. The guns are equipped with an independent power supply circuit with spraying parameters managed via touch screen.


The hot air laminating ovens are used to carry out a first flash off process of both solvent and water based products, in particular for spray, curtain coating or specific roller coating cycles.
This type of oven is configured in a modular way according to the type of product to be treated, application process and working speed. The type of ventilation and the quality of the air treatment are parameters that must be carefully evaluated according to the performance that is to be achieved. They can also be equipped with TL and GEL lamps for the gelling of UV coatings.

CR90 / SR90

The 90 ° loader or unloader has been developed to automatically load or unload profiles, strips, frames to or from a spray, curtain coater or vacuum finishing line for moldings
Several models are available depending on the type and size of the items to be managed.

CRT90 / SRT90

Caricatore / scaricatore a 90°


The vertical oven mod. CS is suitable for all kinds of profiles. It is used in flash-off or drying processes with water-based products, solvent with or without UV cross-linking after spray, vacuum or curtain coating processes at high working speeds. It is available in different solutions depending on the length of the profile and the required drying time.

CS Spray

The CS painting booth is an ideal working environment for the manual finishing of various types of artefacts.
Pigments are captured by two vertical filtration stages.
Available in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs.

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Dualtech 415 Glass

The Dualtech 415 oscillating sprayer with central arm, is used to spray ceramic or organic products on glass sheets.
Compact and robust, this machine can coat single pieces up to large batches with good quality and reliability.
It can be supplied both in the paper belt version for very low maintenance and very quick changeover times, or in the synthetic belt version (2000 mm) with the classic and reliable Giardina Group product recovery and belt cleaning system. With the Dualfast quick-change device, the operator can change color in a few seconds and start spraying without wasting precious time cleaning the guns in the machine.


The ECD edge coating machine is suitable for the application of 100% UV paints or water base stain on the edges of flat or shaped panels.
Taking advantage of the principle of the vacuum application, it allows the customer to achieve excellent results even on particular shapes or undercuts.
It is normally installed on a modular base integrating application and drying modules – hot air, IR or UV radiation. High application accuracy, working speed, easy set-up together with a high transfer efficiency make it the ideal solution for edge painting for medium-high production volumes.