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Continental Wood has recently installed a new “Dualtech 420 Sb Dry” in Hungary, the latest model of automatic sprayer created by GiardinaGroup.

The goal of the customer was clear: paint components for furnishing rooms in solid wood, mdf and veneer and obtain quality finishes, both glossy and opaque, both open-pore and closed-pore, transparent and pigmented. And for this reason he chose GiardinaGroup.


Among the various features and strengths, “Dualtech 420 Sb Dry” has an automatic recovery system of the coating product, an automatic carpet cleaning system with minimum consumption of cleaning solvents and an integrated software that automatically calculates the number of painted pieces per day, machine hours, square meters of painted work. Data that can be saved in an external database in order to quantify costs and optimize consumption and production.

A new plant, a new satisfied customer.


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