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The latest edition of Drema – Poznan (Poland), September 10th till 13th, was a new opportunity for GiardinaGroup to demonstrate the constant evolution of its finishing technology.

A roller coater, the GST Zero Gloss oven and a final polymerization UV oven for final curing were available at the booth of the Italian manufacturer for tests.

Each day at the show, visitors had the opportunity to see the GiardinaGroup technologies, a series of demonstrations carried out thanks to the cooperation with some important paint manufacturers (Renner, Iris, Heidelberg and Ica).

The excimer technology was again the core of the GiardinaGroup stand in Poland. The excimer process – activated thanks to the energy that the excimer lamp emits in an inert atmosphere – offers enormous advantages: an ultra-matt surface (1.5-5 gloss without using opaque agents) and “anti-fingerprint”; the increase in surface hardness, chemical resistance and abrasion; an extreme “softness” to the touch and a lesser chance of yellowing over time.

Very good feedback came from the many operators who visited the GiardinaGroup stand, attracted by the thousands of possible applications of this innovative process for the finishing industry.

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