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We are happy to introduce to you the latest update of our Youtube channel: new contents, new playlists, with the same quality and attention as always. In addition to the playlist dedicated to Destefani technologies, in fact, it will be possible to find all the contents of GiardinaGroup divided into three categories, able to tell our reality at 360 degrees.


From the most technical videos – with our technologies as protagonists – in the Solutions section, to the events (open house, fairs we will participate in …) in the Events section, to stay up to date on all GiardinaGroup projects. Two series that will tell the world of technology and the life of the company which will be joined by a third “column”: People. The interviews, the meetings, the life “behind machines” (from camera and otherwise) of those who live our reality every day, from inside and outside, to let our world and our history breathe.

In short, the playlists are already online, other contents will arrive regularly… you just have to stay tuned by subscribing to the channel!