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Here is the first new entry that will be presented this year, the best way to celebrate Giardina Group’s 50th anniversary.
The brand new “SINGLETECH 300single-arm oscillating sprayer can be used to spray colours, primers and finishes on all smooth or shaped surfaces. It comes in three configurations: the “Single Belt” (SB) version is fitted with a 2000mm synthetic conveyor belt, which is in turn equipped with the classic reliable product recovery and cleaning system by Giardina Group.
The “Single Belt Paper” (SBC) version involves the use of the disposable paper system.
The third version – “Dual Belt” (DB) – allows the operator to choose whether to use the synthetic belt or the disposable paper system, so that the sprayer can always be configured in the most suitable way.
The overspray reduction system inside the painting space can be a dry or water-film system.
Singletech 300