The hot air laminating ovens are used to carry out a first flash off process of both solvent and water based products, in particular for spray, curtain coating or specific roller coating cycles.
This type of oven is configured in a modular way according to the type of product to be treated, application process and working speed. The type of ventilation and the quality of the air treatment are parameters that must be carefully evaluated according to the performance that is to be achieved. They can also be equipped with TL and GEL lamps for the gelling of UV coatings.

CR90 / SR90

The 90 ° loader or unloader has been developed to automatically load or unload profiles, strips, frames to or from a spray, curtain coater or vacuum finishing line for moldings
Several models are available depending on the type and size of the items to be managed.

CRT90 / SRT90

Caricatore / scaricatore a 90°