The hot air laminating ovens are used to carry out a first flash off process of both solvent and water based products, in particular for spray, curtain coating or specific roller coating cycles.
This type of oven is configured in a modular way according to the type of product to be treated, application process and working speed. The type of ventilation and the quality of the air treatment are parameters that must be carefully evaluated according to the performance that is to be achieved. They can also be equipped with TL and GEL lamps for the gelling of UV coatings.


The ECD edge coating machine is suitable for the application of 100% UV paints or water base stain on the edges of flat or shaped panels.
Taking advantage of the principle of the vacuum application, it allows the customer to achieve excellent results even on particular shapes or undercuts.
It is normally installed on a modular base integrating application and drying modules – hot air, IR or UV radiation. High application accuracy, working speed, easy set-up together with a high transfer efficiency make it the ideal solution for edge painting for medium-high production volumes.


The G02/05 roller coater, with 3 independent speeds, allows the application of finishing products on any flat surfaces. The robust structure of the machine, made with 4 lifting jacks and a large rubber-coated conveyor roller makes it suitable for use in any working condition.


Roller coater with two coating rollers of which the second with reverse application.
The machine allows the application of high quantities of paint product on all flat surfaces with an excellent coverage of the applied product.

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The heavy filler G02/08 allows the application of UV and water base fillers or putty with low, medium and high viscosity on all flat surfaces.
The machine is equipped with a roller conveyor system, with large diameter back-up rollers and an emergency quick lifting system.


The G02/09 filling machine allows the application of low and medium viscosity UV or water-base fillers and putty on all flat surfaces.
Roller conveyor system, with central back-up roller.


Top panel cleaner with one brush and a rotary blower.
The machine is suitable for cleaning the surface of panels, including edges, holes and milling after the sanding of a raw or primed panel, depending on the type of brush mounted.

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The top and bottom panel cleaner G02/23 is a complete and functional model, which allows the removal of dust and processing residues from the top and bottom face of the panel, including the edges. The upper brush removes the dust and residues, while the rotary blower cleans the holes and millings. The bottom brush prevents processing residues from being transported with the part down the finishing line.


The G02/24 panel cleaner, with one bottom and two top brushes, is a solid and versatile tool for the upper and lower cleaning of manufactured articles, including the edges.
The first upper brush allows the removal of dust and residues, while the second one cleans the pore. The lower brush prevents processing residues from being transported by the product to the finishing line.

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The panel cleaner mod. G02/26 with three upper brushes and one lower brush is the most complete tool for upper and lower cleaning, including edges, of the products before finishing.
The first upper brush can be of a slightly abrasive material to allow the removal of particularly difficult slopes and to revive the previously polished surface. The lower brush prevents processing residues from being transported by the product to the finishing line.

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