CS Spray

The CS painting booth is an ideal working environment for the manual finishing of various types of artefacts.
Pigments are captured by two vertical filtration stages.
Available in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs.

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Giardina Group offers a whole series of customized solutions for the global management of painting systems: loading, unloading, turn over, transfer and optimization according to the needs of each individual project.

Every single painting line can be customized with advanced management and process control systems so that it can be integrated into the company management system. It is also possible to remotely manage, through our dedicated telematics assistance service, all assistance needs.


The Manual Spray Line offers the possibility to coat any type of product on manufactured articles of different shapes and sizes moved by an automatic tray system.
The finishing is done completely manually, so you can check every detail.
The parts run automatically through the finishing phase to the drying phase thanks to the completely automated and very efficient part conveying system.


The Robotic Spray Line is a robotic painting system integrated into a spraybooth with rack conveyor. It can be used to apply type of product on items such as doors, panels, doors and any other type of component. This is an integrated handling system with a Cartesian robot for automatic spraying.


The UVG AG spray booth is a manual spray booth to coat in a pressurized environment with wet particulate disposal system.
The pigments are captured by a water film during spraying, thus keeping the working environment clean. Stainless steel veils and floor grating.